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iPocket expands sales of QuickQuote to Canada

iPocket announces ServicePro for the material handling industry

(moub'l prodaktiviti tu:lz) 1.) anything lightweight, which held in the hand or hands, assists a person to do work yielding results or profit 2.) products developed by iPocket to automate everyday tasks for a mobile workforce

Handheld solutions for a mobile workforce
iPocket is a provider of industry-specific handheld PC solutions. Our solutions enable companies to automate their mobile workforce more quickly, more effectively and more profitably than ever before. We understand the challenges you face moving to a paperless process, and we provide powerful, integrated solutions that meet your needs. Click here to learn more.

Proud Members of:

AMSA - American Moving and Storage Association

AMSA licensed Tariff 400-N company

Microsoft MSDN Business Connection

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