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Our powerful, user-friendly, and cost-effective solutions solve real-world problems.
iPocket enables mobile workers to collect and process data on-the-spot, print results in real time, and communicate wirelessly with back-end systems. We configure and pre-install our software on lightweight off-the-shelf handheld computers to provide complete solutions that are ready to use.

Use our solutions to achieve impressive results:
close 10-40% more sales while cutting costs up to 40%
improve productivity by up to 50%
improve customer response time by more than 50%
improve accuracy and improve operational efficiencies
return on investment of 2-6 months


Moving & Storage

QuickQuote lets you:

survey domestic and international moves

rate using 400-N and 400-M tariffs

print complete estimates from the handheld or the desktop

quick and easy to update

user-configurable to suit your needs

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Material Handling

ServicePro automates field service needs:

record service details electronically

manage work orders

track and manage parts inventory

turnaround invoices in hours, not days

perform diagnostics

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Custom Solutions

Looking for a handheld solution to fit your unique needs?

Outside sales, field service, inspection, data collection, or other applications?

Contact us, and we'll help you turn your ideas into real-world solutions.

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iPocket is a division of Pocket Technologies, Inc. 12 Greenway Plaza, Suite 1100 Houston, TX 77046 T: 713-621-2300

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