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Founded in 1998, iPocket is led by an experienced management team dedicated to delivering powerful handheld business solutions that are easy to use.

Put the power of a PC in the palm of your hand
It all started with a simple idea: to provide handheld PC solutions for mobile workers.

Time and again, we observed mobile workers laboriously filling out paperwork, calculating results by hand, entering the information into a computer back in the office, and getting back to the customer in a day or two. It's an inaccurate, inefficient, and time-consuming process. What they needed was the power of a PC in the palm of their hands.

And, so Pocket Technologies was born. Over the next 2 years, we developed the iPocket platform, a powerful set of development tools that enables us to deliver robust, proven handheld business solutions.

The iPocket platform
Our powerful platform not only facilitates rapid prototyping and development, but also ensures our applications are robust and function properly. This significantly reduces the occurrence of bugs and gives us an edge over our competition.

Optimized specifically for handhelds, our iPocket platform is designed to manage data and process information very efficiently. It also provides a standard framework for interfacing our solutions with existing back-end systems.

The bottom line: it enables us to quickly deliver powerful solutions that work seamlessly.

Customer Results

iPocket customers achieve real, measurable results. Based on customer feedback, our solutions:

cut the cost of a sales call by up to 40%

help the sales rep close 10-40% more sales

improve productivity by up to 50%

improve customer response time by more than 50%

improve accuracy

improve operational efficiencies

have a return on investment of 2-6 months

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iPocket is a division of Pocket Technologies, Inc. 12 Greenway Plaza, Suite 1100 Houston, TX 77046 T: 713-621-2300

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