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Step 1: Enter customer information
Step 2: Survey and rate the move
Step 3: Print the estimate
Step 4: Transfer data to back-end system

  Step 4: Transfer data to back-end Benefits

Placing the handheld in the cradle will automatically transfer completed estimates to the desktop and new estimates to the handheld. iPocket can also interface QuickQuote with your existing computer system. This eliminates the need to re-enter customer or estimate information. We also offer an optional wireless solution.

Wireless solution (optional upgrade)
iPocket's wireless solution connects the Casio handheld PC to the Internet in order to send and receive customer information, files, and email. This allows the salesperson to send the estimate and survey back to the office within minutes of completing it so that it can be processed immediately.

Hardware options include a wireless modem card or a cable connection to a cell phone. Options and pricing may vary based on wireless coverage in your area. Contact our sales team for more information.

Simplify customer data management

Generate an electronic file with customer, survey, and estimate information

Streamline internal processes and reduce duplicate data entry

Reduce errors

Step 3: Print the estimate

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